Papatoetoe Lawn Tennis Club to Papatoetoe Tennis Club - History.

September 15, 2018


A recent experience I had completing a club inventory list had me stumble across two medium sized boxes and as I opened to investigate their contents the past and present came to light. These trophies represent the history and future of the PLTC and PTC and should always see the light of day.

With a new committee that's focused on moving on and upwards we are striving to find, interview, and or reconnect our past with the present and future in mind. 


This bloq is an attempt to source information from the closer and wider community about the club's origins and identifying the stories behind many of the names that are engraved into these trophies. Stories that I am sure many people would like to hear and reminisce about those nostalgic memories about old friends, rivalries, competitions, and good times shared with others that loved the game of tennis.



Ladies Handicap Doubles Cup

1971 L.Barlin / L. Lamb (first date)

1997-98 A Taufa / J. McCoskrie  (last date)


Papatoetoe Lawn Tennis Club (PLTC) Junior Girls Doubles Cup

1982-83 J. Wills / H. Buttock

1998-99 S. Dickson / K Sharma.


Ladies Junior Championship Annual Competition Cup

1980 Miss J. M. Gannaway

1998-99 S. Dickson


PLTC Boys Junior Singles Champion Cup

1949-50 B. Saussey

1992-93 M. Papai


Men’s Handicap Doubles Cup

1971-72 C. Goodall / A. Wilson

1988-89 H. Tawahi / M. O’Hallahan


Green Cup Combined Handicap Cup

1971 M. Spooner / Miss L. Lamb

1989-90 A. Aitken / G Stelle


PLTC Lamb Trophy Junior Boys Doubles (Cup)

1980-81 I. Pedley / R. Buck

1992-93 J. Fretton / M. Papai


Papatoetoe Tennis Club (PTC)  Ladies Championship Singles Annual Competition (cup) Presented by P. E. Suttie

1977 C. Hawthorn

1999-00 A Taufa


PLTC Ladies Championship Doubles Cup

1954-55 I. Maluschka / B. Douglas

2014 A Taufa / K Fameitau


PLTC Men’s Single Champion

1949 S. Pinfold

2017 L. Naidu


PTC Men’s Doubles Championship Cup

2011 L. Naidu / E. Diaz


Mixed Doubles Championship Burton Shield

1953-54 B. Bignall / Miss L. Maluschka

2014 L. Naidu / S. Samy





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Papatoetoe Lawn Tennis Club to Papatoetoe Tennis Club - History.

September 15, 2018

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